May 28, 2013

QuickBooks Update Service

When you open QuickBooks you may encounter a message that says QuickBooks has an update.

Figure 1.1


Don’t just click Install Later.   It usually only takes a few minutes.   QuickBooks releases these updates for fixes or new features.

If you are working in a network environment you need to keep in mind that once one of you update you will all need to update.   2013 released the R6 update and this fixed a lot of issues they were having so I recommend updating it.

If you have an older product you may see a message that prompts you for a new release.   This is upgrading, so you don’t want to do this unless you want to buy the new product.

QuickBooks Update Service

You Can Use QuickBooks in Your Law Firm

QuickBooks is the number one small business accounting software and for good reason. It is easy to use and reasonably priced. QuickBooks can do the following things that attorneys generally need:

  • Client Information – Track Client contact information and case information.

  • Track Billable and Non Billable Time – QuickBooks has a great Time Tracking feature. An attorney can track their billable and non billable time for their clients. It also has a Timer program that comes separate and able to run without QuickBooks. This enables everyone in the office to track time and the bookkeeper and pull the time into QuickBooks.

  • Tracking Postage, Copies and Other Client Costs – QuickBooks can help you keep track of postage, copies and other client costs so that you can easily bill your clients.

  • Billing Rates and Price Levels – You can create custom price levels for your clients. It can also track Billing Rate levels that can be associated by the time keeper. (This is available in the Professional Services edition.)

  • Conflicts of Interest – In the 2009 versions and later of QuickBooks you have the ability to do advanced searches quickly and easily within your customer list.

  • Retainers – Yes you can track retainers in QuickBooks. Reports can easily be created and memorized so you will always know what money you are holding in retainers.

  • Trust Accounting – Easily track the money you are holding in trust and create reports to help you stay in compliance with Trust Accounting Laws.

QuickBooks also has the ability to:

  • Write checks

  • Link to online Bank Accounts

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • 1099’s

You Can Use QuickBooks in Your Law Firm