February 28, 2012

Converting Time entries from Time Slips or Tabs to QuickBooks

Are you currently using another program to track and bill your time?  Would you like that time to be brought into QuickBooks so you can have the history and start using QuickBooks to manage your time and billing?   If so I can help.  If your current program has the ability to print the time records to a csv or text file, this can be transferred in.    If you would like more information about this service please contact me at (904) 284 -4480.

February 10, 2012

Law Firm Sample Statement from QuickBooks

Attorneys can use QuickBooks to track time and bill clients.   This week alone I have had four people call and ask me what program should they get to work with QuickBooks so they can do billing.   I told all of them they don't need another program you can do it in QuickBooks.  

QuickBooks has a built in feature to track time.   You can customize it so you can track time by employee, types of work or by rate.   The trick is setting it up correctly.  

One complaint that I hear is that attorneys don't like the way QuickBooks Invoices or Statements look.  I  have created a sample statement from QuickBooks that only took a few minutes to create that I think looks professional for use in a Law firm. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can use QuickBooks in your law practice you are welcome to contact me.   http://www.attorneystechnology.com/

Thank you,
Lynette Benton